2-Hour Hustle Baseball Recruiting Presentation/Per High School Baseball Program – $600

2-Hour Hustle Baseball Recruiting Presentation/Per High School Baseball & Softball Programs – $800

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce and review with you the Hustle Baseball Academy scholastic athlete recruitment program. We are a baseball academy with a single focus: The training and development of academically outstanding baseball players! By way of introduction, the Hustle Baseball Academy leadership is composed of a Professor of Medicine, a high school teacher, and a college instructor. As valley residents for more than 20 years it continues to surprise us that young athletes and their families often ignore what are usually the most important questions regarding a high school player’s growth and development. Specifically, am I good enough to play Division I, II, or community college baseball?; what are college coaches looking for?; how do I learn about my options?, what do I have to do to be recruited?, and most importantly, what do I have to do now in preparation academically for college and for a successful college career  in baseball?

Capitalizing on the years of experience at the high school, college, and professional levels, the Hustle Baseball Academy coaches and staff have developed a detailed 2 hour seminar presentation for players and families entitled: College Baseball Made Simple: A How To Guide For High School Players And Their Families. This seminar includes a PowerPoint presentation, video segments with coaches and academic administrators, and a question answer period to provide needed insights, addressing any and all concerns regarding the collegiate recruitment process. The goals of our program are to provide the necessary information and strategic planning required for the successful transition of a player from high school to college. The presentation will specifically address each of the following areas:

  • The recruiting process – how does it work!
  • The things you need to know about the NCAA
  • Remember before all else this is college: Academic requirements!
  • Development of a recruiting Checklist
  • Identification of potential schools and programs
  • How to contact specific schools and coaches
  • Athletic Scholarships – what does that mean and who gets them?
  • What is a player’s responsibility during recruitment?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of parents?
  • Needed documentation to prepare for prospective schools and coaches
  • What is the value of skills video?
  • Recruiting Myths

We believe the insights and information the Hustle Baseball Academy coaches will provide will be of incredible value to your players and their families. Our two-hour recruitment presentation can be held in your gym, a classroom setting, or preferably the school’s auditorium. We are also able to work with your school’s IT personal and use the in-house audiovisual system. The one-time cost for this program is $600 for members of the baseball program, including players at all levels as well as their families, the coaching staff at each level, and interested school administrators. Alternatively, this recruitment seminar can be presented to both the baseball and softball programs for a total shared cost of $800.

We look forward to meeting with you in person and scheduling our recruitment seminar at your school this year.